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Impress Your Patients

EyestarTV is 6x more eye catching than static posters and brochures. With its unique blend of practice promotions, bios, news, entertainment and product/service segments, EyestarTV is more entertaining compared to all other forms of media. It's like having your own practice TV channel designed to reduce your patients perceived wait time, improve sales and educate your patients about your practice.


Customizable Content

We offer complimentary monthly customized videos designed for your practice. You can even use your customized videos anywhere including your website and social media. You'll not only save on marketing and print costs, your office will look less cluttered and it will improve message consistency.


Easy Plug n Play Deployment

Implementing EyestarTV has never been easier. Getting started takes only a few minutes and you'll have access to over 400 videos plus real time news feeds, local weather and UV reports.


Outstanding Support

At EyestarTV, we offer great quality videos and reliable service. We stand behind you with our friendly technical support that you can count on.


Price Lock Guarantee

Since our inception, we have never increased our price for existing customers. We have a three year price lock guarantee that ensures that there are no price increases for your practice so long as you are a subscriber.


Update Your Playlist Anytime

Simply log into your online playlist and update your videos anytime. Its that easy. We'll make sure that categories of videos are evenly spread out so that similar types of videos are not grouped together.


Free real time news/stock feeds,local weather, UV reports and QR Codes

EyestarTV includes the most popular real time news feeds . Local UV reports help educate your patients about the importance of protecting their eyes. We even have QR codes that can link to your favorite reputation sites such as Google+ and Yelp to help stimulate positive reviews of your practice!


Access to Hundreds of professionally designed videos

EyestarTV has a library of over 400 videos with hundreds of customized templates. Videos include information about general eyecare, practice information, quizzes, games, products and services. Simply access your playlist and select your videos. It's that easy.

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